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knw search connects today's leading companies with top social media talent at affordable rates. 

How we're different. 

We've run and continue to run a successful social media marketing agency (Wild and West) and our whole team has learned the ropes when it comes to executing social media. 

We've built and managed some of the worlds largest Facebook pages (our biggest page is currently at 55 million likes), we've built and managed several large Instagram accounts, Twitter accounts, Pinterest accounts, LinkedIn accounts the list goes on. 

We run ad spends of over $300,000 a month and we've worked and currently work with some of the nations largest companies and non-profits including Steve Wozniack's Woz U. 

In total we've generated over $65 million dollars in revenue for our clients. We're in the trenches every single day when it comes to social media, we know what we're doing.

Our founder, Quintin Ford also has over 5 years of experience as a recruiter working for some of the top companies in Los Angeles, including Netflix, Hulu, Crescent Capital, RedBull, SpaceX, AEG, Big 5 Sporting, Oaktree Capital, and many more. 

During his early recruiting days he found ways to use social media to attract talent, in ways that his colleagues simply weren't even considering. This lead his to launch his own successful recruitment firm which he ran for a year and a half before joining as a co-founder at Wild and West. 

His knowledge in recruitment from sourcing talent to vetting talent is quite extensive especially when it comes to social media related roles.

It's the combination of our recruitment knowledge and our social media knowledge that makes knw search the best in the industry. 

We're focused on delivering top talent only in areas that we, ourselves, are professionals in.

And that is very rare in recruitment!

Plus, we're doing it for fractions of the cost of a regular recruiting firm.

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So why are we doing this?

1) Recruiting top talent is expensive and we wanted to fix that. 

2) We're extremely good at attracting talent through marketing, so we can do that better that most companies can. 

3) We already have an amazing network of qualified people. We're literally connected to some of the top marketers and agencies in the world. We're just a phone call away from finding you a stellar candidate. 

4) And we're crazy passionate about social media marketing and expanding our own network. If we can help companies access our network and we help our network access top companies, it's a win win for everyone. 

For these reasons, we decided to open up our recruitment services. 

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